Back With Both Feet

I haven’t disappeared completely out of the blog -a-sphere – I’ve been blogging fairly regularly on 60newthings (my attempt at trying 60 different things before turning 60). With that said the thought occurred to me yesterday (ironically while running on the treadmill) that I haven’t posted anything here in quite sometime — 15 months to be exact. So I decided to jump back in with both feet! I redid the place what do you think? I love the lovely header photo. Don’t you just want to run on this beach? What about the new warm color scheme? I may use this scheme at my martial art school… Enough about the site’s face lift now its time to give you a few of my thoughts from my treadmill jaunt…

First let me begin by saying over the past year or so there hasn’t been a whole lot of running — Just running around. We’ve all been there, work, family, commitments, and more of the same… I’ve continued to work out during this time at gyms, cross training with cycling, yoga and of course my bread and butter martial arts. I did one 5k last year the CVS in Providence (an awesome event try and run it or walk it one day). However steady running wasn’t in the cards. I’m hoping to turn the page. I’m finally 100% okay 95%… No upper respiratory issues, no hip impingement, no back problems ect , ect…

Since I joined Planet Fitness this past April I feel excited about getting into not just maintaining physical shape. The atmosphere at the Somerset Ma, facility is uplifting and inviting. In fact so much so that it inspired me to blog about it and to do it here! I love that there are people of all ages and in various stages of fitness, that everyone is willing to encourage each other — There are some gym rat  body builder guys but they are kept on a short leash with the lunk alarm! Everyone gets along to move along (maybe the conventions should’ve been held at a gym) . I digress.  These past months I’ve been inspired to challenge my self with new workout routines, using new cardio equipment, being more diligent about stretching, I’ve started to gain muscle mass along with more flexibility therefore more running stamina. I’ve taken new steps toward losing a few unwanted pounds using the Pro Tracker app, which is a very cheap version of WW! I’ve lost 2.5 lbs in a week. I’m looking at apps to start training for longer distances and registering for a couple of more races. I’m not trying out for the Olympics but I’m hoping one of my 60 new things might be a run longer than a 5k and I live to write about it!

So my advice to you is don’t wait to get fit, everyday counts, you’ll feel better, look better and hopefully inspire others to do the same!

Great to be back, gotta run!


Oh, That’s Where…

It amazes me when the spirit and the person finally link up – I believe these are what Oprah refers to as “Ah-ha moments.” I experienced one of those yesterday. Ironically not in deep thought or meditation but, after arguing with the Sync System on my Ford Focus. When I finished shouting (which doesn’t work with computers, another Ah-ha moment) and settled back into driving I thought about the previous weekend. How I enjoyed Carolyn Myss, and how amazed I was to find out that she discovered spirituality at age eight. Then I recalled cleaning my closets and all the pictures, letters, and journals I revisited. Then it hit me (not another car) My Ah-ha!

Joyce Amaral, at a retreat sometime in the early 70’s she started me on my path to spirituality! Although Joyce was extremely devote (she became a nun) it was her spirit and her light that attracted me to the bigger picture – to seek my soul’s purpose.

Sadly Joyce died of Leukemia at a very young age, and I didn’t stay the straight and narrow Roman Catholic course. Eventually I was drawn to the Eastern philosophies and found they were a better fit for my soul’s curriculum. However I shall always be grateful to Joyce, for starting me on my path and I’m excited to finally realize where my souls searching began…

FYI the Sync is still out of Sync in a Focus of all things! How’s that for ironies!




For most people for get me nots are a flower. If you are plus fifty they’re sticky notes, scraps of paper, and any other way to remind you – Not to forget!

I remember in school having a button on my backpack that said, of all the things I miss, I miss my mind the most! Little did I know that simple saying would be true! Losing your ability to remember is insidious – You barely realize it, then you can’t remember when you could remember. First you do word searches, not the puzzles, but mental searches. You stand there with your eyes rolled into the back of your head like you’re searching a dark closet until you find the word. If you’re with a group of fifty somethings word search turns into Jeopardy. When you know the meaning but can’t recall the word and your friends assist with the word search. This sometimes can be played out as twenty questions or charades. If you can’t remember the word or meaning, but  you can recall something similar.

There are all sorts of supplements and vitamins that can assist with this type of memory issue. The only problem is remembering to take them! So far the best thing that’s come along for the” loss generation” is the iphone 4 s! You ask it to remind you to do something, schedule your appointments,or how to spell a word and voila it does it for you! Thank you Apple! The only problem is forgetting where you left your iphone!


Which reminds me, did I charge mine?



Sense vs Tired

First let me explain I’m training for a sixth dan in martial arts and I’m fifty something okay fifty-four.  Anyway back to my training. Preparing for a black belt test isn’t a new thing for me this is my tenth test ( I hold a few other belts). Yet this one is a little different. My approach is still regimented I feel like I’m pushing myself and being pushed yet its different.

A friend answer to this is, I’m using more sense during this go. Resting more, organizing my workouts better. She said I was being more mindful of my recent minor injuries,trying not to exacerbate those injuries or incur more. What my friend says maybe true. However,  I believe all of the sensible behavior is because, I’m too TIRED! So there are less double sessions, lighter weights, no forward rolls in reaction circles. I’m running two miles three times a week, not three or five miles five times a week. Plank positions have replaced push ups, sit ups are done in sets not until my tailbone rips through my skin!

In conclusion, wisdom doesn’t come from age; wisdom is being too tired to be stupid and crazy!

Time for a nap,



The “Season of Giving” brings us to all kinds of time honored traditions. Including Re-gifting aunt Margaret’s fruit cake!

Although there are many rules of etiquette from such noted authorities such as Martha Stewart. Here’s a simple “re-gifting” idea, share your unique gifts! By re-gifting or giving your talents, you can make someone’s quality of life better. Can we say the same about aunt Margaret’s fruit cake?

Let this be a season of true giving; and remember what the Beatles said – “You Can’t Buy Me Love!”




Hidden Gifts

As we get caught up in the self imposed chaos of Christmas shopping, remember to look for the hidden gifts of the day. I found such a gift this past Saturday.

Let me explain; about four months ago a woman stopped by my school during off hours.  She was soliciting for a charity event called “Light Up The Fort”.  The idea was to have local business buy a Christmas tree to decorate for a contest then have the public pay to view them. Now this all sounded fine and fun in the warmth of August, so I agreed – And so it began!

I finally realized what I volunteered to do the middle of November! Yikes there were students testing for black belt, then a graduation, a demo team to prepare! Throw in a Holiday Pro Shop sale, several charity collections and an under belt test and graduation. I was regretting my impetuous decision and whined about all the work and time!

Lucky for me I have a great staff and talented and creative students and parents (gift). We held two crafting sessions (did I mention I’m craft challenged). Then the actual day of the event was cold, damp and windy (three of the fatal four all we missed was snow). We all endured the decorating  with joy and laughter(gift). The biggest surprise was yet to be…

When we returned we found out we WON Most Imaginative Tree! (gift) Yet we won much more than $250.00  – We won the incredible feeling of doing for others, sharing time with people you enjoy being with, loving and living life (BIG GIFT)


Ginnie Award winning tree decorator….


April Fools?

God, the universe or out higher power is “The Almighty” of practical jokers!  Take this morning for instance. I got up at 4:45 am as usual fed the cats but instead of staying up I went back to bed for a “few minutes”. Three hours later, I awoke in a panic! I was supposed to be in work in thirty minutes instead I was running in circles (which was appropriate considering I was in my NASCAR pajamas) trying to get semi-presentible for work.

After a hair raising ten miles of road racing, I arrive at my school only two minutes late and no student. I checked the phone messages and my student had called to say she wouldn’t be in! April Fools Ginnie!

Who but God would be so masterful? I mean he’s even had the weather April like!

Have a great day and keep your sense of humor, God is watching!