Life Odometer @60

Remember when the odometer on a car just flipped instead of flash?

If you do then your life odometer is close to mine…

I remember my first car when I’d try to recall each major odometer milestone 1000 miles happened on President Avenue Fall River, and so on…

Now that my life’s odometer hit 60 years I’m suddenly more aware of personal milestones; where I’ve been, where I am and yes, where I’m going…

Life’s journey is not so much different than a road trip; the past is in the rearview, the present is behind the wheel, and the future is on the GPS…

I’m trying to be very aware of where I am and how I got here so I can plan my next turn. I’ve been inspired by my young students who’ve graduated to black belt. One of whom gave me a bracelet with “It’s not a sprint, It’s a marathon” on it. An awesome reminder that I’m in it for the long haul. I’ve also have been rejuvenated in my running through reading Runners World the amazing stories of runners in their 70’s running ultras and the many other runners who’ve over come challenges. This has motivated me to take on a half marathon. Which ironically will be right about when my odometer will hit 60.5…

Good to be back!


Back With Both Feet

I haven’t disappeared completely out of the blog -a-sphere – I’ve been blogging fairly regularly on 60newthings (my attempt at trying 60 different things before turning 60). With that said the thought occurred to me yesterday (ironically while running on the treadmill) that I haven’t posted anything here in quite sometime — 15 months to be exact. So I decided to jump back in with both feet! I redid the place what do you think? I love the lovely header photo. Don’t you just want to run on this beach? What about the new warm color scheme? I may use this scheme at my martial art school… Enough about the site’s face lift now its time to give you a few of my thoughts from my treadmill jaunt…

First let me begin by saying over the past year or so there hasn’t been a whole lot of running — Just running around. We’ve all been there, work, family, commitments, and more of the same… I’ve continued to work out during this time at gyms, cross training with cycling, yoga and of course my bread and butter martial arts. I did one 5k last year the CVS in Providence (an awesome event try and run it or walk it one day). However steady running wasn’t in the cards. I’m hoping to turn the page. I’m finally 100% okay 95%… No upper respiratory issues, no hip impingement, no back problems ect , ect…

Since I joined Planet Fitness this past April I feel excited about getting into not just maintaining physical shape. The atmosphere at the Somerset Ma, facility is uplifting and inviting. In fact so much so that it inspired me to blog about it and to do it here! I love that there are people of all ages and in various stages of fitness, that everyone is willing to encourage each other — There are some gym rat  body builder guys but they are kept on a short leash with the lunk alarm! Everyone gets along to move along (maybe the conventions should’ve been held at a gym) . I digress.  These past months I’ve been inspired to challenge my self with new workout routines, using new cardio equipment, being more diligent about stretching, I’ve started to gain muscle mass along with more flexibility therefore more running stamina. I’ve taken new steps toward losing a few unwanted pounds using the Pro Tracker app, which is a very cheap version of WW! I’ve lost 2.5 lbs in a week. I’m looking at apps to start training for longer distances and registering for a couple of more races. I’m not trying out for the Olympics but I’m hoping one of my 60 new things might be a run longer than a 5k and I live to write about it!

So my advice to you is don’t wait to get fit, everyday counts, you’ll feel better, look better and hopefully inspire others to do the same!

Great to be back, gotta run!


No Worries, When You’re Looking Forward

Had one of those “AHA” Moments today while running; It occurred to me when I’m in a positive state of anticipation, like preparing for the holidays, going to an event, planning for a vacation or giving myself a reward. I’m in a great state of mind: The same state of mind I’m in when I’m running, where my focus is on a positive outcome or result, my feelings are Joyful!

On the other hand when my thoughts are on worries (nothing I can control); which are anticipated pain or hardship, that rarely manifest as we imagined. You’re not really looking forward when your worried, you’re stuck in an alternate reality created by fear. You may even be stuck in the past but you’re not going forward you’re paralyzed.

With this AHA I’ve decided there is no longer room for worry in my life I’m going to schedule things in my life to look forward to, like running!


Run Why?

A Sunday morning in the middle of August, light breeze sun filled sky – Left foot, right foot music playing each step taking me further from my home then half way around the loop and getting closer to home. Thoughts of past events future adventures, then the following thought;Image

Why run? For the challenge, for health, for people who can’t, for a cause, for the fun of it, for the love of it, for the T Shirt, for the friendships, for the peace of mind, for the peace… Why not run!

Tea and Spirituality…

I don’t get sick, I get symptomatic. I state this for two reasons; One its mostly true I rarely get colds and or viruses, and if I do they manifest themselves as aches and being tired. When I do get “normal symptoms” I just tell people I’m symptomatic and never name it. Like stray cats if you give a cold a name you own it!

With that said this past weekend I was exhibiting the aforementioned aches and tired feelings, along with a symptomatic cough… I found the best way to deal with these annoying occurrences is to allow them to have their way! So I curtailed most of my weekend plans and rested. I consumed large amounts of peppermint tea and read, listened to and watched spiritually influenced books and programs. The result being a body,mind and spirit well taken care of and ready to take on the rigors of another crazy week!

The reason I’ve shared this with you is, I spent way too many of these episodes fighting them – Instead of giving in to them and allowing them to teach me to SLOW down! I hope you can see by choosing to give yourself a little tea and spirituality, you’ll not only feel better physically but spiritually. That my friends is a total recovery!



Thoughts From The Drive

Here are some of observations from my ride into work this morning; I think some people think the indicator switch in their car is an option or that I’m a mind reader…

I’m wondering if the same people who drive through the middle of parking lots are the same people who colored outside the lines?

Why do people leave the recycling bins full of paper uncovered in 30mph winds? I’m sure they are the same people who complain about the litter problem…

Does anyone make their own coffee anymore? I observed four Dunkin Donuts drive throughs with cars out into the streets…

I’m wondering why the person who has bumper stickers saying Coexist and Tolerance is flipping the bird at everyone?

I’d like to know if it’s the same hand-full of people who call talk radio or are there that many ignorant people?

Finally does the IRS allow people to write off their cars as an office? I’ve witnessed phone calls, file reading, newspaper research, writing, recording and using a computer all while driving.

All for today, time for me to get back to work. I need my makeup for the ride in, love the new vanity they installed in my Focus…



Last to First

These past few days I’ve seen woman, who are friends, family members or clients who are fried. This is evident by all the tears, headaches, colds and dark circles I’ve noticed. I’m sure the season has something to do with it, but my guess is these woman are putting them selves last.

Putting your own needs last is what woman do. We are wired to put the needs of others first. Your family’s needs are one thing but many of these woman have put committees, causes and other out side influences ahead of them selves as well. Which is admirable but not always wise, I’m not saying to give up volunteering, however you need to consider your self too.

Most of us have ridden on a plane and have witnessed the safety lecture in which the flight attendant explains what to do when the oxogen masks are deployed. They tell you to place yours on first if you have children! This is so you can be alert enough to care for them. Utilize this safety instruction with your everyday lives. Do one thing for  yourself each day put your self first. By doing this we are more physically, mentally and spiritually ready to take care of everyone else!


Be kind to you…